Ensure Email Compliance and Secure Your Reputation

July 9, 2024

Don’t let compliance issues hinder your email ROI.

Gmail and Yahoo announced new email compliance requirements for bulk email senders (send roughly 5k/day) that went into effect in February 2024. In April 2024, Google began taking the next steps by rejecting non-compliance.

Email subscribers are taking back the inbox with a little help from Google and Yahoo. Email volumes have risen by more than 80% in the past five years, and spam complaints make up nearly half of all email volume (Statista 2022). Gmail is the most popular email provider, and with increased emphasis on privacy and the elimination of third-party cookies, owned channels like email are increasingly valuable and are sure to grow.

How to Meet the New Compliance Requirements

  • Authenticate your email SPF, DKIM, and DMARC; this electronically confirms the email came from you.
  • To make it easy to unsubscribe, include a One-click Unsubscribe in the header (auto in Gmail) and a visual link in the body.
  • Keep your spam rate below 0.30 by sending emails that are wanted and expected!

Fundamentals matter, and setting the foundation for a rock-solid email marketing program is critical to achieving the ROI you desire with your marketing communications.

Need help to conquer email compliance?

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