On January 1, 2001, the first day of the new millennium, HyperDrive opened its doors to signal the birth of a new age of marketing where customers – not marketers – are in charge. Gone are the days of interruption marketing… of renting eyeballs... of buying millions of impressions and expecting to somehow engage consumers and motivate them to buy or recommend your products.

Focused on helping our clients build a sustainable
and valuable asset: rabid ´brand fans´ –
consumers who buy their brand exclusively
and advocate it to family and friends.
Our approach is a proven one, not by
what we say, but by the results we
deliver again and again, across
diverse consumer brands.



HyperDrive has always believed that building your brand doesn't happen overnight. And it doesn't happen by blasting pretty pictures or clever messaging to the largest number of people possible hoping to pick up a couple of new customers.

To us, smart brands thrive by finding, growing, and pampering core fans to become brand advocates (or evangelists or devotees, or word spreaders) for you. Your fans do the selling for you! In fact, your prospects are far likelier to respond to another person’s likes or dislikes... no matter how shiny your print ad or how expensive your TV commercial is.

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Over the years, the sound of marketing has risen to near deafening levels for consumers. So they tune you out, and your brand suffers. Your best bet? Stop shouting! Target your messaging. Feel what consumers feel. And strive for simplicity – get rid of cumbersome ladders that other brands expect prospects to climb, and instead provide slippery slides so new customers can quickly and easily move through the conversion process.

HyperDrive Interactive can help you and your brand get where you need to be. Our time–proven approach offers you the tools and resources necessary to develop an engagement "eco-system” to acquire, retain and grow relationships with customers by talking to and engaging them at a personal level.

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