Why HD?

Use Digital to Your Advantage And Your Customers Will Thank You!

Our approach is simple - we immerse your brand in digital. By creating a digital-first strategy, we make your product or service accessible across the digital space – web, mobile and email – with seamless integration that effectively communicates core brand values. This fan-centric approach will grow your customer base and make your prospects sit up and take notice of just how great you really are. Customer interaction can be difficult in the noisy, pushy, digital space, but we use that chatter to help further brands by giving their fans something to talk about and share!

Our sweet spot is email marketing. We know how to get your message to your targeted audience and compel them to action. Whether it’s to opt-in to your newsletter, find out more about a new product or hit the “BUY” button, we help you funnel your customers where YOU want them to go.

With this expertise comes the ability to create a website that engages and inspires visitors using the best SEO practices to drive customers to your site, social media that will get (and keep) people talking about your brand and PPC campaigns that encourage conversion with every click.

What makes us different than other agencies is this: digital is our focus. We get it, and we want you to get it, too. Digital gives you an incredible return on your marketing investment. You spend less and get more - more connection with your fans, more brand loyalty and, best of all, more revenue. Let us demystify digital for your company and make it your most valuable asset.


We listen. We want you to tell us what’s working well and what isn’t with your current marketing plan. We perform a thorough upfront analysis to get the best possible insight into your brand, and we don’t stop until we “get it”. For us, this is the fun part – getting to know you and your best customer until we feel like we’ve been hanging out for years.


Now that we know you, we want you to look good. We create responsive websites, emails and ads that look good everywhere, on any device. We understand you only get one chance to make a first impression, so if it’s the first or thousandth time a customer interacts with your brand it has to be familiar, yet new and exciting. Yeah, we can do that. And get your customers to share it with their friends and ask for more. Look what we’ve done for others - let us do it for you!


Once we’ve established your look and design we set out to create your website – your #1 connection to your customer. We take our design and create the optimum user experience, and ensure that it effectively communicates your brand without frustration – from mobile to desktop. We’ve broken down the process for you so that it seems simple, but we understand that it’s not just a website – it’s the fuel for your marketing engine!


Get ready for greatness! When we launch your campaign we immediately start tracking results and compiling data. Click through rates, bounce rates, unique visitor stats, and more are all compiled to give you a snapshot of the folks that opened your email, clicked through to your offer or visited your site. Once we’ve established what’s working and what’s not we can tweak your campaign or make changes to your site. In the digital world data is king - use it to your advantage!

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