Norton outdoor turns to hyperdrive to map their future

Norton Outdoor Advertising is the oldest billboard and outdoor advertising company in the Cincinnati region. In their third generation, Norton was known as the local go-to for both great location and service, but as brands and business increased their spending on digital advertising, outdoor was increasingly getting left out in the cold. Norton needed a boost in their marketing technique to grab a bigger share of the road and help customers see the writing on the wall – Norton Sells Cincinnati.

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HyperDrive Plotted the Perfect Course for Norton

The HyperDrive development team used the latest UI/UX tools and Google API to create a map that would be simple to use for both the first-time visitor and current customer of Norton. HyperDrive converted Norton’s inventory list from GPS coordinates to mappable addresses and created custom map markers in vivid colors to make the different board categories easily identifiable when they were located in close proximity. The development team worked closely with the folks at Norton to create the site to their specifications which made efficient use of time and resulted in a website that effectively communicates the benefits of choosing Norton over larger, national competitors.

To create the map, HyperDrive had numerous detours in their path including:

  • The current data listed boards by GPS coordinates, and didn’t have a “mappable” address.
  • Many locations had multiple boards of different sizes.
  • Some locations had densely clustered boards, making it difficult to show individual boards.
  • The map needed to be 100% user-friendly and as easy to use to as other online mapping services.
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New Map = New Customers for Norton

Creating the map and lead generation tool put Norton on the map, and enabled them to compete against national companies with a larger footprint. The new website reflects the message that Norton is known for – personalized service, extensive industry knowledge and hometown expertise.

The results? Norton reported an immediate uptick in the traffic to their website, including more leads and, the best part, better qualified leads.

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