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Dreamfields Pastapalooza


In 2010 Dreamfields launched its first Pastapalooza; a six-week social media campaign to increase summer pasta sales. Featuring pasta salad recipes, coupons and giveaways, the campaign showcased unique weekly landing pages to encourage social media sharing and participation. With moderate success, each subsequent year kept the campaign at a slow boil, but in 2016 HyperDrive turned up the heat with delicious results...


increase in website traffic


increase in unique visitors
to the site for 2016


increase in new visitor traffic
to the brand


MILLION brand-driven social media and hashtag impressions


contest signups


digital coupon prints


In the past, Pastapalooza was developed within the Dreamfields environment which made using the latest tools and best practices of web development impossible. HyperDrive separated Pastapalooza from the Dreamfields website (which is slated for an upcoming redesign) and placed it in its own digital ecosystem, thus giving us unlimited possibilities for functionality and optimized user experience.

We created a unique logo, email template for the kickoff and weekly emails, and a new landing page for each week (a total of 6). Each landing page included recipes for pasta salads and warm weather fare, contests, social share links and a coupon link that required an email address.

Over 9 million social media impressions!

By creating weekly recap emails and landing pages loaded with fresh, relevant content, we not only encouraged participation, but were able to track exactly who was participating and how.

With segmentation we were able to send emails to both our monthly and weekly user base, with overwhelmingly positive open and click-thru rates. Targeted Facebook, SEM & display ads delivered Pastapalooza messaging to those outside of Dreamfields email base.

Social media was the key source of ongoing dialogue with consumers and fans. Through strategic posts on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram, fans were encouraged to download coupons, view recipes, and enter the weekly sweepstakes. The social media space gave fans a voice and new consumers an opportunity to experience the brand beyond ads and the grocery shelf.

For every component of the campaign we compiled valuable data on new user traffic, conversions, email address acquisitions and more. Tracking the campaign within its own ecosystem enabled HyperDrive to see the exact results of the campaign at a granular level that was unavailable on previous campaigns.

Lastly, Pastapalooza 2016 was created to be scalable and reusable for subsequent campaigns, which will reduce time for development and execution. Overall the campaign was a big success, creating new and more loyal fans, increasing sales and increasing hits to the Dreamfields site. As they look to 2017 and beyond, Dreamfields is planning to continue and build on this fan favorite!

“I believe that Pastapalooza has been a very successful cross-channel program that combined email, social, PR, search and display into a cohesive program.”

Liz Housman - Director of Marketing, Dreamfields Pasta

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