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Barber Foods Social Media 2017

Barber Foods Gets Social and Reengages Fans with the Help of HyperDrive

In 2015 Barber Foods, a subsidiary of AdvancePierre® Foods, created a new recipe for their frozen stuffed chicken breasts. After launching the new product their loyal fans called fowl; decrying it as the wrong “stuff”. As a result, sales of the product plunged, complaints to the company customer service line increased 800% and HyperDrive fielded 400+ complaints from Facebook followers. To add fuel to the fire, Barber Foods recalled thousands of its products in the Midwest just two weeks after the launch. The company quickly rallied, reformulated the recipe and returned to the familiar packaging and taste their core customers knew and recognized.


increase in social engagement
(vs previous quarter)


increase in social audience
(vs previous quarter)


increase in website conversion rate
(vs previous quarter)

Building on success of the meal ideas page on the Barber Foods website, HyperDrive created social posts highlighting the most popular recipes. Fans liked, shared and commented, creating a buzz on the Facebook page and a renewed interest in the brand.

Here’s How HyperDrive Hatched

In the past, Barber Foods had used the “first sell, then engage” tactic for their social media plan. HyperDrive flipped that notion by creating posts that acknowledged the frustration of the core customers and offered them an entirely new type of content – recipes, ideas and ways to Make Tonight Barber Night.

By leveraging their fanbase, HyperDrive drove social engagement with consistent, relevant posts for each channel.

A new level of conversation was established with friendlier lifestyle posts and contests that encouraged interaction and social shares. Increased visits to the website were generated by creating unique recipes and posting blogger content that showcased Barber Foods as an easy option for any night of the week. Lastly, email conversions increased with the promise of valuable coupons and offers.

Barber Foods Experienced a Sales Growth of 15%
for September – December 2016!

Raw stuffed chicken breast

By creating relevant content with tasty-looking photos and easy recipes, existing customers took a new look at their old favorite and lapsed customers gave Barber another try.

Constant social listening brought new insight into the efficacy of the campaign and enabled us to quickly engage dissatisfied customers and personally attend to their needs.

Friday contests with valuable coupons created a social buzz and kept fans coming back week after week.

For every facet of the campaign, we tracked and compiled data that enabled us to see the increase in new website traffic, email acquisitions, likes on Facebook and followers on Instagram. By dramatically increasing their fanbase, Barber now has a new group of engaged fans to speak to directly, and it’s a fanbase that consistently wants more.

Overall, the campaign was a sea change for the Barber Foods brand and directly impacted the way the brand continues to communicate with consumers today. Now that Barber is back on track, they are prepared for continued, sustained growth – and their fans will be ready for whatever “stuff” Barber serves in the future.

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