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Dreamfields #HEALTHY HACKS 2018

HyperDrive Hacks into
What Pasta Lovers REALLY Want!

And Delivers Delicious Results for Dreamfields Pasta

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2018 was the third year for Dreamfields Healthy Hacks – a contest dedicated to kicking off the new year on the right foot with fun tips or hacks for healthy living. With pasta recipes, tasty prizes, coupons and contests galore, it’s been a fairly successful way to engage fans and grab new product trials. This year HyperDrive turned up the heat to create some funtastic results…

AMA Awards


increase in unique visitor
traffic to the site


increase in new visitor traffic
to the brand


increase in conversions (email
signups) year-over-year


increase in paid search traffic
to site year-over-year


number of people who entered
the contests, an 88% increase


digital coupon prints
a 1,400% increase year-to-year

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Here’s How HyperDrive Used Its Noodle to Achieve These Stunning Stats

In past Healthy Hacks, the contest lasted four weeks with smaller prizes each week and a grand overall prize. Previous contests featured a calendar with new information daily, but was within the Dreamfields environment and as a result the appearance was a bit lackluster. We placed Healthy Hacks within its own digital ecosystem which gave us the ability to create something truly exciting.

For 2018 we created a shorter 3-week contest to keep fans from losing interest, and a new logo and email template were created for weekly emails. Each weekly landing page featured bloggers that delivered content designed to keep people motivated to stick to their New Year’s resolutions, tasty recipes, coupons and fantastic prizes. Most importantly, we made it 100% user-friendly to enter the contest so Dreamfields fans couldn’t resist entering and printing coupons at a rapid rate!

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Healthy Hacks email 1

kickoff email

Healthy Hacks email 1

mid campaign reminder

Healthy Hacks email 1

campaign recap

Dreamfields Website Experienced
Over 241,000 Pageviews & a 77% Conversion Rate!


Tracking results was easy with the contest in its own ecosystem. With engagement at an all-time high, visitors printed an incredible 21,441 coupons resulting in nearly $25,000 in sales.

Proving that great content and prizes pay off, the 77% conversion rate is a new all-time high for any Dreamfields contest. At only three weeks, these results make Healthy Hacks a great return on investment for the Brand.

Healthy Hacks 2018 proved that a short and sweet contest can create a lot of excitement if fans have relevant content and great prizes to look forward to! As Dreamfields looks to Healthy Hacks 2019, there are some great stats to top, and HyperDrive is eagerly awaiting the challenge.

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