HyperDrive Interactive

HyperDrive Is A Different Breed Of Marketing Agency.

On January 1, 2001, the first day of the 21st century, HyperDrive opened its doors to signal the new age of marketing where customers – not marketers – are in charge. Gone are the days of interruption marketing… of renting eyeballs… of buying millions of impressions and expecting to somehow engage consumers and motivate them to buy or recommend your products.

We help you build a sustainable and valuable asset.
HyperDrive fosters and nourishes your rabid ‘brand fans’ – consumers who buy their brand exclusively and talk about it to family and friends. Our approach is a proven one. Not by what we say, but by the results we deliver again and again, across a wide mixture of consumer and B-2-B brands.

We focus on communications that engage customers.
Current users of your brand are your most important marketing asset. Instead of pushing ‘clever’ creative executions designed mainly for award shows, we look hard at your business objectives to understand and address the unique interests and needs of real customers.

Our unique approach is driven by analysis of
measurable metrics.

Before you can see where your brand is going, you need to know where you began. With your brand, we start by analyzing its most valuable customers – who are they, how do they act, what do they buy, and when is their business with you “at risk?” Delivering measurable results sometimes is like having a crystal ball – yes, with the right information you CAN actually predict the future!

Meet The Hyperdrive Team…

  • Ali Margello - Marketing Account Manager
  • Ali Margello
  • Senior Account Director
  • Bernie Joyce - President
  • Bernie Joyce
  • President
  • Brian Essen - Creative Director
  • Brian Essen
  • Creative Director
  • Brian Szolosi - Designer/Programmer
  • Brian Szolosi
  • Designer/Programmer
  • Bryan Grainger - Copywriter/Creative Strategy
  • Bryan Grainger
  • Copywriter/Creative Strategist
  • Chris Timman - Director of Client Services
  • Chris Timman
  • Vice President, Director of Client Services
  • Dan Heimbrock - Chief Executive Officer
  • Dan Heimbrock
  • Chief Executive Officer
  • Lora Lietz - Fulfillment Coordinator
  • Lora Lietz
  • Fulfillment Coordinator
  • Marcdavid Cohn - Chief Creative Officer
  • Marcdavid Cohn
  • Owner/Partner
  • Mark Lammers - Account Manager
  • Mark Lammers
  • Account Manager
  • Megan Collins - Marketing Account Manager
  • Megan Collins
  • Marketing Account Manager
  • Robin Wuest - Account Coordinator
  • Robin Wuest
  • Project Coordinator
  • Tim Koehler - Senior Account Manager
  • Tim Koehler
  • Senior Project Leader