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Need Bad-Ass Email Marketing Results? Engage HyperDrive.

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ET Philosophy Subscribers RuleFor many years, HyperDrive Interactive has teamed up with the industry’s #1 email marketing software provider, ExactTarget, to offer clients the time proven advantages of permission-based email marketing.

Today we are considered one of the top providers of email marketing in the country, with email strategy, creative design, reliable delivery, and real-time tracking services are available for both consumer and business to business clients.

“Click-through” rates in email campaigns outperform not only all other web-based marketing efforts, but nearly all offline marketing strategies as well. From personalized email marketing to targeted e-newsletters, HyperDrive designs and optimizes email marketing campaigns that deliver measurable results.

Permission-based email marketing has proven to be highly effective for customer retention, cross-selling and relationship building with your best customers. HyperDrive offers full capabilities for developing winning email marketing campaigns that incorporate high impact graphics, existing or new photography, lively illustrations, eye catching animation & motion graphics, customer/prospect response devices, and more.

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