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HyperDrive Helps Local Artist Turn NYC Shows Into Remarkable Works Of Art

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Look out New York, here she comes! Recently, client and friend of HyperDrive Alicia Emley (a.k.a. Luminous Lish) took her unique art style to another level with two big shows in the NYC area: the Art Expo NY and Big Lobby Art by Streetwater Galleries in the artiste area of Soho. The Cincinnati Ohio artist attributes her smashing successes, in part, to a collection of print materials created by our artists at HyperDrive to promote specials events and other sales-related opportunities.

The goal of the shows was to get Lish’s name and art ‘out there’ to prospects and other gallery owners in NY and around the world. According to Lish, “the published hand-outs and information HyperDrive provided not only answered questions but also helped to deliver solid leads for driving future sales.”

The printed materials gave prospects a quick glimpse of Lish’s accomplished art skills, and were also created to help grow her social networking campaigns and to promote her web gallery which can be found at www.LuminousLish.com.

“They (HyperDrive) worked with me at the speed and pace to accomplish my goals,” said Lish. “They listened to my custom needs and requests and matched my high expectations again and again to find the perfect solution to take my passion to the next level. I gave input to get the ball rolling and then left it up to the pros to make my dream happen.”

Lish’s artwork is special. Layers of paint and polyurethane separate and blanked each other in organic forms. Chunky transparent amber pickets contain the under layer of color and shape. Insects and plant materials sometimes become trapped in the layering process, give their own contribution to the image, as well.

“The hidden surprise to the viewer is when the photo luminescence is revealed,” Lish explained. “When the lights go out, the painting comes alive, as a totally different creation of color, glow dimension, and fluid movement. Glow in the dark has been around for quite a while, but this isn’t your ordinary glow in the dark media.”

To best understand her one-of-a-kind designs, Lish’s web gallery includes a good selection of her favorite works. When you arrive, you’ll notice a button toggle that says ‘Switch to Night,’ which gives the viewer a perspective of the artwork during daylight and nighttime hours. The art is energized best by natural sunlight, but artificial light also brings out the glow. To demonstrate this at the NYC shows, viewers were offered a laser pen that allowed them to ‘customize’ the paintings with light by drawing their own shapes and words on the canvas…all of which eventually disappear completely either when the lights are turned back on or once the luminescence fades.

The results from networking in NYC helped Lish open up 3 new product lines, and also diversified her art to multi-levels of application to reach a broader market. It also opened doors to new markets she had not thought of, including glass table tops, glass tiles, and reusable doors.

Lish’s current collection is ocean-themed and very organic. “My Discover Belize collection is based on the concept of ‘under the sea,’ said Lish. Her next opening will be held at the Warsaw Project Gallery on June 8-9 in Cincinnati. Currently she is showing at Gallery Veronique, 11356 Montgomery Rd, Cincinnati, Ohio 45249. You can find and purchase her newest creations at her website (www.LuminousLish.com) or on her facebook page.

About Lish (Alicia Emley) Luminous Abstract Expressionist
Inspired by Mother Nature’s endless creativity, power, and detail, Lish’s paintings are extremely textural and organic. Her work contains excessive “globs, cracks, and transparent pockets” that reference depth, energy and balance. Layering the mixed media with encapsulated organic matter, metallic washes, and a hidden surprise only to be seen in the dark. The glow of a whole different creation.

Fluid movement and powerful energy thrust with texture and color, all done for the most part with recycled paint and other building materials. To receive the brightest glow from the paintings, use direct sun light to charge. The solar charge is the brightest glow.

Her work dating back to 2003 can be seen at Bridgetown Finer Wine, Oak Crest Animal Office, FanMail Marketing, HyperDrive Interactive, Klekamp Industries, Rybolt Snap Fitness’s, Domain Salon, Wegman Company, and Kessler Photography.

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