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Graeter’s Word Of Mouth Campaign Connects with Brand Fans on a Personal Level

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The super-fun word of mouth marketing campaign we created for Graeter’s received some nice coverage today in the Cincinnati Enquirer, in an article titled “How Graeter’s Grew Nationwide” by Mike Boyer. Graeter’s has been thrilled with the initial results of this pilot and we couldn’t be happier. Plans are already in the mix to break out the new year with an expanded campaign.Just one example of user-generated content from this WOM program

There’s no question that super-premium Graeter’s is a passion-brand, and not just for folks in Cincinnati, Ohio. People from all over the world love to tell people about this “gotta have it” ice cream, many of them after their very first bite. As Graeter’s continues to expand intro grocery stores around the country, the Fanbassador WOM program seeks out this core group of consumers—one brand fan at a time—and asks for help in spreading the word in their new market.

For an ice cream fan, what happens next couldn’t be better. Graeter’s Fanbassadors receive a kit filled with everything they need (at no cost to them) to throw their own ice cream social for friends they like most: company history, tips on how to throw an ice cream social, branded goodies like balloons and coasters, plus coupons for five free pints in any flavor and a big stack of additional coupons to give away at their ice cream social tasting party. It’s packaged up nicely and is capped off with a personal letter from CEO Richard Graeter letting Fanbassadors know how truly important and special they are to the brand.

True Brand Fans go above and beyond to share your story

It was clear to us even before Fanbassadors began receiving their kits that Fans were excited. Participation requests flooded in on the brand’s Facebook page and still continue to this day. In the initial test 500 Fanbassadors were selected to receive a kit and almost immediately we began receiving Fanbassador-submitted photos of themselves hosting ice cream social parties. Here’s a small selection of what we received and the comments we received via social media.

The program has resulted in much more than increased social media followers and user-generated testimonials. In an initial sales lift analysis, our client directly attributed more than 60% growth in one market to Graeter’s Fanbassadors. One party, one recommendation at a time, we’re building Graeter’s Fans for the long-haul. Consumers love this program, so do we.Word of Mouth marketing touches people on a personal level. It's intimate.

Our approach at HyperDrive is to focus on building and nurturing long-lasting relationships with your brand’s Fans just like we’ve begun with the Graeter’s Fanbassadors program. Empowering your core group of supporters with the tools they need to become advocates, and maybe even rewarding them for it, will create a sustainable and scalable model for growth.

It’s the antithesis of mass advertising. It’s intimate.

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