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Graeter’s Launching New Phase of Ice Cream Socials Across the Country

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Get ready, snow birds! The super-successful word-of-mouth marketing campaign for Graeter’s Ice Cream, called Graeter’s Fanbassadors, is kicking off in the Sunshine State. Right now, an open invitation stands for passionate and engaged Florida Graeter’s Fans to sign up and become an advocate for the best ice cream you’ll ever taste. The timing is perfect, coming before the heels (so, toes then?) of a major announcement—Graeter’s Ice Cream will be found in another major retailer all across the south this spring. Within the next month or so, more and more invites will be sent out to other Fans nation-wide.

While most have been brand advocates for a lifetime, this newly appointed Fanbassador title is notable because the brand is empowering individuals—letting them know how important they are to the brand and that it’s OK to spread the word however they feel comfortable. Graeter’s is going the extra mile by offering more than what is asked of packaged goods companies, giving back by sending Fanbassadors everything they need to throw their own FREE ice cream social.

It’s a great example of a company that’s never lost sight of its most important assets: 1) An exceptionally good product and 2) Exceptionally passionate fans. The extra effort that Graeter’s is putting into helping Fanbassadors spread the word will continue to pay dividends for years to come.

Empowering your core group of supporters with the tools they need to become advocates, and maybe even rewarding them for it, will create a sustainable and scalable model for growth.

What are you doing for your brand fans? Do you know who they are?

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