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Do You Have a Product that Consumers Want to Talk About? Dreamfields Pasta Fans Swear By It

Posted on by Cheryl

How does a small company get high-quality content on a low-figure budget? “The answer,” says Heimbrock,” is you go to the fans and social media, where there is content available on a daily basis.”

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Recognizing that Dreamfields’ users fit the profile of true fans, Heimbrock floated the notion that Dreamfields might want to hook up with the agency’s FanCentric unit, which for most of the last decade focused its efforts on record companies, sports leagues, and individual musical artists (including Gaga).

FanCentric curates blog and social media content for teams and artists and pushes it out in emails to fans who opt in to receive them. The process eventually became too pricey for even large entertainment companies, so FanCentric developed an automated application that enabled content to be curated and linked into companies’ CMS systems for rapid deployment via email. Apprised of this recently-launched service, Dreamfields marketers decided to give their pasta the rock star treatment.

Can a Pasta Brand Rock Social Media?Check out the article on Direct Marketing News by Senior Writer Al Urbanski’s: http://www.dmnews.com/can-a-pasta-brand-rock-social-media/article/299910/#

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