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Michael Angelo’s Gains New Fans Through Great Taste and Conversation

Word of mouth is a powerful tool for any brand. But this is especially true when you’re brand has something worth talking about. When it comes to Michael Angelo’s Naturally Italian Frozen Entrees there is no one thing bigger to talk about than taste. A quick jump to their Facebook page or Twitter feed will reveal just how important taste is to their consumers. So how do you take what’s…

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Small Batches of Goodness Creates an Army of Fanbassadors for Graeter’s Premium Ice Cream

Graeter’s has gone from making about 315,000 gallons of super premium ice cream to close to 900,000 gallons, the quality remained the same. [CINCINNATI BUSINESS COURIER] How Did They Do It? Graeter’s took a very focused approach to expanding outside of the Cincinnati region. Their number 1 focus is all about the quality of the product. Graeter’s cherishes its brand and product. They went straight to their best advertisers, to…

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Engaging Brand Fans with a Box of Saucy Fun that Creates Barbecue Conversations

Consumers are more likely to take recommendations from their friends and family than listen to or trust a brand.  Why not empower your best customers to spread the word about your remarkable product by building a community of advocates.  It’s the most powerful tool on your belt, especially considering Forrester has shown that 80% of all purchase cycles involve a form of WOM recommendation. Take Montgomery Inn for instance. Montgomery…

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Why Viral Marketing May Not Be A Good Tactic for Your Word of Mouth Marketing Strategy

It’s 8:34am and a man in his early thirties shuffles into his cubicle, then begins checking his email. After a couple of minutes he stumbles across an email with an amazing video embedded in it. Within minutes he’s emailed it to several of his co-workers telling them they have to see it. In an hour it’s spread to half the office, in another half an hour it has spread to…

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What’s Your Story? How Brand Storytelling Gets Your Marketing Efforts Top Of Mind With Customers.

While it has been centuries since humans have gathered around campfires to trade stories about their feats during the latest hunt storytelling still holds sway over our collective minds and hearts. Perhaps that’s why more and more businesses are turning to storytelling as the vehicle to get their message out to their customers. Why Storytelling? Rather than immediately going into the benefits of storytelling, let’s look at this from the…

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