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Cool News From LaRosa’s! Check This Out, a Great Online-Only Offer on LaRosa’s Facebook Page

The LaRosa’s Facebook page has hit 100,000 fans. This is a big deal for the brand and they are celebrating with Guests in a big way! Over the years, LaRosa’s has worked hard to build an engaged fan base and it’s paying off. HyperDrive has helped both strategically and creatively to boost content creation and apply acquisition strategies to get it rocking. As they say, serving is the new selling…

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Improve Your Marketing Messaging With A Better Value Proposition

You’re a marketer, working on a new campaign. You know your audience, you know the demographics, what they like as well as all the killer features that your product offers. Everything is ready. Now it comes for one of the most crucial parts of your campaign. The messaging. But how to write something that will win the consumer over to your side and get them to convert? The answer lies…

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Could Your Social Media And Tech Usage Use Some Out-of-the-Box Thinking?

Look At What I Made Tools. One of the main things, besides opposable thumbs, that differentiate us from most other mammals.  Usually tools are born from a need to solve a problem, make improvements to an existing solution or to allow us to do something we’ve never done before.  Oddly enough, as far as we’ve advanced from early primitive tools and discoveries we often forget that these three things when…

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Small Brands Can Win Too! CPG Brand Hits of 2011

Consumer packaged goods (CPG) brands are constantly introducing new products that they hope will take hold with consumers and drive high retail sales volume. But as we know, there are many reasons why most new product launches fail. Consumers don’t fall in love with the product despite what can be multi-million dollar advertising and slotting allowance investments. A great product is certainly mandatory if brands stand any prayer of gaining…

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Bottom Line: Your Customers are Mobile – (from the WOMMA.org Blog)

Quite possibly the fastest growing marketing tool around…. “Mobile devices are too dang useful to not be used during the purchase process. Customers can quickly check prices elsewhere while they stand in the aisle. A clear 77% of smartphone owners use their device while shopping.” “Altimeter Group released an analysis of top brands that use mobile technology to connect with their customers during the retail experience. The data were compiled…

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