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Beware of Email Marketing’s 3 Second Rule

Easy ways to get your brand’s emails read, not trashed. When an email hits the inbox, it takes three seconds or less for your readers to do one of five things: 1. Open, scan the contents, and take positive action – most desirable 2. Set aside to read later – a decent chance your email will be read at some point 3. Open, scan, and delete immediately – due to…

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ExactTarget Connections 2012 Provided Essential Training, Discussion Panels & Email Marketing Results

HyperDrive participated in the annual ET Partner Summit October 15, 2012 the first day of the ExactTarget Connections Conference.  The Partner Summit is an opportunity to meet with other agencies and application developers who have a dedicated relationship with ExactTarget. It’s a great opportunity for us to learn future tools as well as new ways to use the tools we have to stay ahead of the game for designing the best emails….

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Email 101: A Crash Course in Successful Emails

As a newcomer to HyperDrive and the world of digital marketing as a whole, I have just started to get my feet wet in the surprisingly deep waters. As a consumer, I never thought about the science behind an email. Why would I? I could, however, easily distinguish what was a good email and what wasn’t based on how much time I spent looking at it. But suddenly it was…

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Unleashing The Power of Email Marketing Customization Using ExactTarget Email Marketing Tools

A few weeks ago, I wrote a blog post about a certification class I attended through ExactTarget Academy, the industry’s first comprehensive individual certification program for email marketing. During the class, we learned about creating content, building results-driven emails, and best practices about how to create dynamic content based on a subscribers unique attributes. Since then, HyperDrive has put a lot of emphasis on what we learned into new email…

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Need Bad-Ass Email Marketing Results? Engage HyperDrive.

For many years, HyperDrive Interactive has teamed up with the industry’s #1 email marketing software provider, ExactTarget, to offer clients the time proven advantages of permission-based email marketing. Today we are considered one of the top providers of email marketing in the country, with email strategy, creative design, reliable delivery, and real-time tracking services are available for both consumer and business to business clients. “Click-through” rates in email campaigns outperform…

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